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Yo yo!
If you have been keepin up to date with CB happenings you would know we have been working on some grind/ledge wax!
It's finally poppin off and it's available at LUX BMX!

The wax is hand made here in Chronic Bone HQ

They fir perfectly into the palm of your hand and range in a bunch of random colours to keep it fresh!
The Skull wax will be available on our online store later in the week!

Speaking of LUX they happen to be hosting this event at the Gap bowl on SUNDAY!
All sorts of great Jam classics like BBQ, Highest air & footdown so I can get a peg up my ass again!
Chance to win loads of goodies! (might even be some CB stuff floatin around)

Apart from that some more great videos to keep you pumped as the weekend is ever so near!

Kyle Hart sending it for BLUNTD X Subrosa edit! Fuckin check these fast/foot plants out! love his riding style!
Kyle Hart BLNTD X Subrosa 2014 from Blunted Athletics on Vimeo.

Brisbane Skaters slaying the shit outta shit all over the place!
These The Bay montages are gettin better and better!

More swell skating!


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