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Simmo's Photo Feature 2

A while back I featured a few of Simmo's photo here on CB. He had been shooting on disposable film cameras for some time and had gathered an interesting collection of images. You can squizz that post here.

Since then Simmo has kept up the photo taking and upgraded from disposable to a nice pre-loved Pentax.
Along with the quality of image, Simmo's direction has improved. His documentation of rock climbing trips have become more concise in intention. Giving the viewer (in this case friends on facebook) an eye into an isolated outback Australia, populated by his personal friends antics and leisure. Passing through small towns, waiting on the side of the road for one another and relaxing at the end of the day over a beer, all of these photographs represent a desire for adventure and truly make his online audience crave an outdoor experience. On the other hand. Simmo has managed to take the precious Pentax into the party zone. Bluntly displaying binge drinking, the photographs offer a look into another side of a person who enjoys all good things in life. Candid shots, people showing off, Simmo is immersed in the party program and every one is comfortable with him snagin' a photograph or two knowing that those images will become apart of his online collection. In-turn working towards the same goal of creating some kind of ambition to head outside, and live a little.

Here are a selection of photographs by Simmo



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