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Simmo Photo feature (bonus Skate Can).

Hey guys.
I would like to share with you the usual spat of BMX videos ad music that has taken my fancy overt he past week or so but I'll hold off on that stuff for now as I have something more interesting to share.

Today Simmo came over to use my scanner so he could post up his latest and greatest photos from his beloved series of $2 disposable cameras. Shooting happy snaps on disposable cameras is quite popular among some circles. Simmo has been doing it for a few years now and I'm really diggin his work. Looking through his neg's you can easily find yourself sighting at a group of rock climbers who have just made it to the top of a 400 meter climb in the beautiful blue mountains of NSW and the next image being a very intimate recorded of some shit faced goobers on the side of a street in Brisbane city. Either way he knows how to make a good image.
Here are my pics from the latest roll.


Much earlier in the year myself and Simmo worked on a short film to be entered in a film competition! We came 3rd place and had a blast making it.
check it:

"Skate Can" follows a young entrepreneur "Simmo" who is the creator of a new extreme sport. Watch as this young man takes you into his underground world of drinking and skateboarding. 3rd prize winner at "I Used To Skate Once 2015", this 3 minute masterpiece will take you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions.

Producer: Chronic Bone
Director: James Hornsby
Music: Alex Ross


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