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Samson's Swamp Bowl

I haven't been traveling around riding bikes as much as I would like to lately. When the opportunity came up to go help Samson with his top secret D.I.Y spot, I immediately told all other plans and worries to fuck off for the day.

Samson's Swamp Bowl

After Samson found himself in a frightening but not serious car accident on Friday morning, he texted me to tell me that he wouldn't be going to work today and that we could work on his secret D.I.Y together. I knew his D.I.Y spot was super secret and I would have to listening to his direction carefully if I wanted to find it. He told me to take a road west out of Brisbane to meet at a post office. Once I had arrived at the post office, I noticed there to be no one around apart from an old lady wearing a babushka. The old lady slowly approached me and she handed me a key and didn't say anything at all. I was confused but after taking a look at the key I realised it opened one of the Post office box's that were directly behind me. P.O 420 was engraved into the key. I opened the box to find a brown paper bag full of weed and a letter that read; "Head north from the post office, walk lightly, go not stomp, You will find another clue that leads yo to my swamp". Lucky I packed my compass and headed north. After about a 40 minute trek on a very open rural road I came to a phone booth. I was about 5 steps from the booth when it began to ring. I answered, on the other end there was a man with a rather peculiar voice, he told me to meet him on the other side of the pineapple farm that the phone booth was in front of. I was about half way across the farm when I spotted a figure standing across from me. I couldn't make out any features of the person and then suddenly a bag was pulled over my head and blackness. I must of passed out or something, when I woke up, I was in the back of a vehicle, a van of some description that stank of pot. The van must have been doing some crazy off roading because I was getting thrown around. It finally came to a halt and I was ejected from the van onto the ground. The van then sped off leaving me in a cloud of dust. I pulled the bag off my head and when the dust cleared I was right in front of Samson's Sooby! He came stumbling out of the woods in full Hi-vis with a XXXX tallie in one hand and said "Hey jim, stop layin about and help me with some creetin". (short for concreting)

I was super excited to see what crazy shit Samson had done. D.I.Y's are something that really aren't done enough in my opinion and Samson has always talked about wanting to make one. I followed him along a little track in the bush and was greeted with the sight of a crazy looking concrete sculpture in the distance.

Sticking out like dogs-balls, the sight of this ramp was fuckin deadly to say the least.

As soon as I had a look around the spot and had seen what Samson had done I had a series of questions for him.

How did you find this spot? "I was looking for some where to grow weed".

Do you have any aero guard? "over there, it's broken though". (got fuckin eatin alive out there)

How long have you been working on the spot you recon? "About 50 hours?"

This is some crazy rock work! "Yeah, I was down here stoned as shit one night putting that together".

Samson has already put over 50 bags of 20kgs of concrete mix into this bad boy! It's a lot of hard work but its totally worth it!

Sunset from the D.I.Y is SCHMICK!

Excited to see how far this D.I.Y goes!

Have a good week!


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