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Roll on!

Hey yo! Thanks to my homie Brento for keeping the BMX flowing on this here blog over the last few weeks!
It hasn't been the best start of the year for myself as I have managed to get myself in quite a pickle! This hiccup in my life only means a better me for the future!
Anyway focusing on Chronic Bone, I'm headed off on yet another overseas adventure to Asia in a few weeks to continue my endeavors of rock climbing crazy Thai cliffs and contracting as many STD's as possible. I'm stroked I'll be dropping a scraps edit from the past year or so featuring a hot steamy load of different dudes before I head off!
As for posts on the blog here will be running slow as I know Brento is also off on a holiday with his lady friend.

Moving on! Here are some internet goodies!
This end of the year Thrasher video is full of awesome shit!

This Futorial was very helpful!

Yet another amazing video featuring the travels of mates overseas! It's nonstop for them making great videos and riding amazing spots!

Globetrotter "Bangers Filmfestival" from Fabian Bader on Vimeo.

This unboxing vid of the new Madera bash sprocket was super enjoyable! No matter if Erik Elstran is riding a play ground or an indoor park he is always full of awesome creative moves!

Here is a music for you!

Here is a cool lil re up of an article from 2013 about original and creative spots I enjoyed! The images in this article are breath taking! 

2014 was an awesome year for CB and we are super happy where we stand as a content creator and apparel maker! 2015 is gunna be gnarly good!


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