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I've been spending way to much time inside behind the computer working on shit for uni and other projects. Editing photos n crap all day is sucky but it's good being productive.

Here's a recent one!
 tryna keep it weird but it's really just and experiment!

Being stuck behind the computer also leads me to finding loads of web crap to share!

This is great! BMX & photography.
Ride BMX Mag came up with a great idea to get a bunch of their contributing photographers to all go out and take a photo at the same time on the same day/"Same moment". 16 photographers came together and shot this idea from places all over the world and they all came out with great photos!
Here is a little video that gives you a behind the scenes look on some of those shoots! I find it awesome to get a behind the scenes look on this photos! You barely realise how much goes into them!

Tony Malouf frame promo.
This edit is dope! I mean the editing itself is great and the riding is deadly. I seem to being seeing more of this kinda music seep into BMX edits online. I think it works kinda well depending on what you're going for! Ender cab is cray!

BSD - Tony Malouf - Clear Water Beverage from BSD on Vimeo.

I've been following this dudes videos for years now. Pretty sure the crew is from Melbourne. They continue to put out great vibes skating edits!

Last here. I used to be a pretty big fan of Tyler, The Creator and all the dudes from OFWGKTA. I loved the idea that they were all my age and just taking the piss out of everything. Tyler just dropped this new music video from a new album. From what I can tell is it combines to of the tracks on the new album into some kind of story! Shit is dope!

Also in music King Gizzy and the lizzy wizzzyy droped a new track from an upcoming album and its hella good! Kinda seems like 4 dongs in 1 but its fantastic. The music video is heavily trippy  !


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