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Quick Post!

Hey dudes just wanted to share a few clips!

Firstly if you have been reading up on any BMX media sites lately you would know that pro rider Brian Histand has gone missing over in the USA. You might recognize the name from his Tempered clip I posted up a while ago (here is a bike check also). There is not much we can do seeing as we are all the way over here but you can show your support on Facebook and I also think you can donate to help fund the search for him.
Continuing on here is the most recent video he was a part of before he went missing. Brain filmed all these clips and also has a few sneeky clips of himself in there its a great lil edit and I hope they find him soon!
Rj Orr Mix Edit from Veil Brand on Vimeo.

speaking of great edits this one features beards and blunts
#1 from Armand Sanjuan on Vimeo.

ALso another great Beard
Jake Conard - The Carpenter from Shadow Conspiracy on Vimeo.

fuck this hurts

Finally I leave you with acid cat! 

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