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Prescription drugs and high speed internet

 Do you ever stop and think that you'll just "grow out" of social media like Tinder, Facebook and Instagram? Are we so addicted that at 60 we'll still ignore the friends sitting next to us to stare at the chest of some tinder girl who's probably never going to reply to your awkward attempt at initiating a conversation? I do understand that the demographic of people that obsess over social media are very different to me, to us, the bmx / Chronic Bone lifestyle livers, but  will they cling onto the unhealthy and superficial forever? are we witnessing (or living) the most accelerated and drastic change in human behavior in recorded history?

At time of writing I have taken more than double the prescribed amount of Endone so please keep that in mind as we dive into this one. Anatomically, modern man is roughly 200,000 years old. We're talking about a species that's been dicking around for 200,000 years but only came up with the wheel about 5,500 years ago, and we only worked out gravity 300 years ago! That's a pretty slow learning curve there guys. To give a tad more perspective, the idea that the earth moved around the sun didn't start to gain momentum until about 500 years ago and the machines that were first used to manufacture books were invented some 100 years before that. If you take that and compare it to modern digital media, it's pretty wild.

If we go right back to the beginning, the computer itself was invented in 1946, there's some sources that disagree with that date but we'll just roll with it for now. Only 15 years later came e-mail, instant messages that would come to break global borders properly for the first time in human history. Only another 30 years on and we had the world wide web, that was only 4 years before we had search engines that are pretty similar to what we use today. That was the year 1995, now we're only 20 years on from that and the entire human experience has changed. We share images and ideas instantly and we can meet and chat with people on the other side of the world so easily that it's taken for-granted.

Welcome to a world where it took 195,000 years to invent the wheel, and only two seconds to stare at your phone and decide who you're going to try and have sex with tonight. So are we going to keep snowballing into a future where innovation becomes everyday? Or is this just  golden era that is bound to come to an end? Will we end up living a Orwell style dystopian future, or are we now only a couple of years away from an apple branded, touch screen utopia?

I'm sober now and I really wasn't sure f I should post this up but  figured fuck it, y'all can get weird with me. I hope this didn't fuck with your Monday morning too bad, Brenton.

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