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Pornhub approved!

There is a lot of bmx edits on pornhub. Alot. But where is the bmx porn? Someone call Sean Burns and get him onto it. Surfin for the ugly broads was the closest to bmx porn I've seen yet, and it was a badass dvd. If anyone wants to donate a copy hit me up!

Anyways, real bmx happened this week and the video that has me most stoked is from a guy called Pablo Senen. This is 100% cool fucking street bmx. It's not all jib wizard business and it's not all deadman bangers but it is all awesome. I'm always skeptical of anyone who rocks dreds but this dude takes the gnar and then shreds it.

Also this week I got deep into the latest Grimes album which really isn't that new but I'd never got around to checking out. I seriously enjoyed her 2012 album Visions, enough to buy the vinyl, so I had pretty high hopes for Art Angels as well. The album is fucking badass though it's an awesome blend of the trippy and melodic sound that you would expect but it's got more pop and dance overtones than older tracks. I expect that this album will end up with alot of radio play if it hasn't already. Grimes might be a sweaty eclectic fruitloop but her new album is polished to perfection and sounds like there might have been a bump in production value since her last record. It's well worth a listen.
Better yet check out the youtube video's. Her music video's are next level trippy shit and I personally love them. Here's my top 2 video clips but make sure to check out the whole album!

Have a good week dudes!

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