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Poke Your Eyes!

Got a lil to share!

I have been doing loads of photo-manipulation and mixed media kind of editing with a lot of images lately!
Mainly been going back to old images and re-making them into something fresh again!

This is a more recent example

Also one of my homies asked me to create a work he could use as album art for his up and coming musical amazing!
Check it out, this is his latest work! Three real good chill beats!

This is the image I put together for him!
YEWW! dig it!

Recent bmx video blew my mind! buttery lines! crazy good filming and editing, all and all mad vibe!

BSD - Dan Paley - Before the Sun Sets from BSD on Vimeo.

Brenton got me onto this! A family have been working together to breed these 'Werewolf cats!' Shit crazy check it! scarey fuckers

Also found this funny!


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