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Pass 'BIG MAC' a J and he will help you get TRIPPY!

Hey friends! I have been working on busting out quite a few interviews lately, this one came back a treat!

Been meaning to get deep inside the HAM mind of Matthew 'BIG MAC' McCallum! for those of you who don't know the dude, he redefined BMX with his part in the Crispy DVD!

 here it is..

Firstly dude man to start us off, give us a lil background story on yourself who are you what do you do?

Well the names Matthew Mccallum but all my buds call me BIG MAC or just the MAC, i ride bmx, party, drink jack daniels and smoke benson hedges smooths. Ca$$$h
I work as a warehouse hand for my old boy, basically do fuck all!.

Apart from push bike stunt man, what other past times to you par-take in?

I dont mind a flick or two of the fishing rod, street racing my fast as fuck subaru forester, hanging out with my doods around brisbane and getting tatooed either by a shop or homejob by my mates, fuck it hey.

Fuck yeah where do you like to cast a line down?

The lovely southpine river is right behind my crib, or coochin creek up the coast at beerwah is a fucking treat of a place.

 I cant seem to watch any crispy related video with seeing clips of you being rowdy as fuck and off yo titties is this and average occurrence? Do you need help?

I am pretty proud to say it is quite regular that im HAM, i live with the beast himself Samson Ross and that cunt knows how to drink! And i always have lations crashing at mine so treating ourselves happens pretty much every night of every week.

Are you the loosest cunt in BMX? would you be down for challengers to rise up and battle you in a loose cunt off?

Alot of my mates probably think i am, haha, ive already had one little cunt try and challenge me to a drink off and well, jacob hosking, chu aint got shiiiit boy haha, his a good bloke but.

On average week how is the boobs to bongs ratio? counting each boob as a whole!
The mac's been on somewhat of a dry spell lately with the ladies, so if everyone out there can give me a shoutout to all your little chick mates.. Fuckin do it!
Never got into the bongs mate, but pass that J around and ill help you get trippy.

Top three songs at the moment:

Fuck this is a hard question to answer, im going to pretend you said bands/ rap lation. bruva.

Over the last few years your riding has improved loads and you recently got hooked up with cult crew how did you go about that? are you super stoked?
Thanks dude!, im so hyped on that, love CULT! Best team and the flow dudes in australia are all so good at riding and just being good doods, i went to melbourne last year with biggie b, brock, nick and leezy, we all stayed at strictly bmx shop for the week and those dudes must have noticed me and gave me a call about a month after we left and hit me up if i want to start riding cult shit, as anyone would have done i said fuck yes!

Now doubt you have had a few spills on your push bike what was the deadliest buy far?

Me and most of the brissy boys went out for a generator sesh to film for biggies 2020 dvd cant say to much detail but it was a big fuckin nose manual out the front of a government building with a heap a pigs inside, i nearly knocked over a street light on landing and it fuckin showed me whos boss.

In relation to you pushbike love:
What is your fav trick to pull?

As everyone probably already knows, hands down cant go to any skatepark pr any street spot without getting a clip of a nose manual whether it be a normal nose, nac nac nose or nose 180 or whatever weird shit i can fluke.

How many hours a week would you devote to riding?

I ride two nights a week from 6-9 at the local indoor park
And on weekends it varies on how ham we go at night time!
Vocko is always on our case about being responsible and "clocking clips"

Best place to ride?

Beerwah skatepark, all my bruvas from when i started riding still shred that place, love all of them! But mainly any street spot with a deadly ledge and good vibes.

Continuing on :Top three movies you enjoy?

Anything with Will Ferrell in it and Jim Carrey haha fuck those cunts get me crying!

Give us some insight into an average weekend in the life of BIG MAC!

Haha fuck! The average night for the MAC!
Well i finish work,
Stop at the bottleo go home and get fresh as fuck! Haha
Either start drinking at mine or go to a mates and get HAM! Then we venture out to the valley and continue HAMMING, creeping on chicks, dancing like fuckwits, i tend to slut drop and lean when im drunk, probably throw up a couple times, get kick out, go to another club, chuck 3 hunna in the pokies, get blackout, wakeup out the front of luxbmxstore under a bin, naked, or i spend heaps of caaa$$$h on a cab and head home,
Always find a place to sleep mate.


Shout out to yourself and chronic bone for letting me show everyone how much of a cunt i am,
Vocko for displaying who i am on his fucked website, all the brissy bmx crew i roll with, all those boys are the best!
All my homies from BWHBMX
And selekt distro for hooking me up on cult.
Love you all
And shout out to the mac, big mac!
Therealbigmack gis a follow on instagram ya fuckheadsss PEACE!

Make sure you check these clips of BIGMAC IN REAL LIFE!

Matt McCallum - Welcome to CULT from Crispy Stream on Vimeo.

Crispy: Mackle comin' for you from Crispy Stream on Vimeo.

Matt McCallum: March 2012 from Crispy Stream on Vimeo.


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