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or yeah?

Hey dudeosz, got some shiz for yall today!

Firstly our main man Geordie at Happy Chaps Barbershop just brought out a new sweet deal!

so if you feel like looking fresh hit him up HERE!

We also got a fresh new email from our LOOSE friend  Mr Mofetyy Stieopa letting us know what is the loose cunt to loose cunt recommendations for this week:

The number of cones recommended for this week, as many as u can. every time you smoke a cone you will kill an antismoking weed fairy.

The weather is looking up.
Things will come to you in verity.

                           Accept and share!  
Make sure to share a blunt and for a friend ship.

I've been cruising with mates around my home town!
 I'll also be putting more photos of some rad automobiles!!

Thanks again Mofetyy

Heres some more shiz

BackBone BMX- 2011 Trailmix from Back Bone BMX on Vimeo.



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