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Had a pretty eventful weekend! got some fairly good riding and skating footage of Ant and I. Also went and shot some video/photos for a band called ES Three you can check them out HERE make sure you do because there is a butt load of stuff to check out!
They were basically just shooting a lil music video and I just went along with Geordie hoping to have some fun and shoot some stuff but ended up being that and more i came out with some dope footage I'm going to be making a promo video out of and some mad snaps!

The front man and creator of the hole thing Carter D was full of mad ideas and was really getting into it! He's also got his own clothing brand you can check it HERE and make sure you got listen to there TUNES on SOUNDCLOUDD!

Also met this rad dude Danny who is currently trying to get his photography out there make sure you go check his face book as well HEREEEEEEEE!

In other news i have been selling these chronic bone SINGLETS fast so if you want one let me know before they are GONE, check the post!

Make sure you check back during the week for some new videos! i leave you with some dope skim boarding videos what i seen!

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