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Off for the weekend!

As I mentioned in the before post I'm off on a Uni trip for credit over the weekend!
Thought I'd leave some stuff on here to squizz at while I am gone!

Have you ever heard a person refer to BMX or skating with the metaphor, "My bike/skateboard is the paint brush and the streets/ city is my canvas." So the rider/skater is referring to themselves as an artist. I have no problem with this and I think its quite beautiful that a rider or skater can feel that way I just wish they worded it differently! You know, something like, "My bike is my death machine and the streets are my killing ground!" You know, something more deadly.

Subrosa in Vegas is some straight up art for you! Music/ filming/ edit & riding are all fucking filthy good! Red hot! splendid shit! Chance's are one of your favorite riders are on the Subrosa team or you just love em all! dig it!

To stack on top of this Art show we have the ACT JAM 2015 video! I wasn't able to go to the jam this year but this video made me feel betting knowing how awesome it was and how good the next one will be!
ACT JAM 2015 from Back Bone BMX on Vimeo.

I also enjoyed vockos words on his trip down there and the disposable images he captured, check it out.

Fuck this is heavy. Used to love this band when I was a bit younger. Still have an ear for them but holy shit this new video is just as heavy as the breakdowns.

 BREAKDOWNS >controversy
sub drops > bomb drops
mosh hard > jihad
guitar shredding > beheading

Here is a random image by me I have chosen to leave you with!

Paradox pool.

Enjoy the weekend dudes, soak in some vibes.

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