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Jimba's latest post about documenting the strange shit that we encounter on a weekly basis whilst out riding really got me thinking, I'm not a creator, I'm  consumer. I sit on Facebook or Instagram and I soak up all the photos, videos, comments and statuses that get thrown at me from every direction. Honestly most of it is either shit or so far removed from what I'm actually interested in that I really am wasting my time staring at little screens all day and all night. It is easy though. It's easy to just sit around, pop on a season of friends and mindlessly absorb the cultural junk that fills your brain and bogs down your very soul.

In an attempt to combat this onslaught of mind numbing garbage I went through and unfollowed a massive number of people on Instagram; no more companies trying to sell me the latest colour of sprocket or photo's of that dude I went to high school with chilling on his xbox playing Fifa. I couldn't go so far as to completely remove myself from the online world, there's just too much goodness out there that I haven't found yet. But I am set on becoming more inspired, more creative, more of a doer and less of a web surfing couch potato.

Really what this means for my contribution to the bone here is that I'll be posting less bmx video's that yáll have probably already seen and I will be writing some articles about stuff that I'm interested in or issues that affect my life and people around me. It really means that there will be more words about more interesting stuff and probably less bmx oriented content. I'd love to hear opinions on this though, maybe you dudes like checking out my top three bmx vids from the past couple weeks and you don't like the idea of reading a bunch of words about parties, art or music so let me know! I love when I get feedback from people on Facebook or from drunken goobers at parties no matter what you have to say.

In the mean time, enjoy the rest of the week and get ready for some very cool new stuff out of this here blog!


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