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Mr Snippets Barber and Espresso!

Nothing gets me more stoked then people who go after what they want. You know like going after your dreams. I've known my mate Geordie for quite some time and he has always wanted to own his own shop! Shits dope because he finally does!
Geordie and mate Paul run a Barber and Coffee shop over at Clayfield, Brisbane and it's bloody mint.
The shop itself is huge and the pair of dudes are welcoming as grandmas!
I shot over the guys a few questions about how they have been working with this idea and how the store is now its a reality!

So first up guys just a little intro on yourselves, who are you and what do you guys do & how long have you been doing it?

Geordie: Well, my name is Geordie and I've been a barber pushing 10 years now,
I started hairdressing when cutting hair was still considered to be an "uncool"
job. I moved into barber shops about 5 years ago when I got sick of being told to 
get my eyebrows waxed every week. I have both run and managed both hairdressing 
salons and barber shops and believe its about the quality of service you provide 
not the most amount of products and potions to make your head sprout apples. 

Paul:  Hey, im paul, ive been making coffees for 4 going on 5 years, kind of fell 
into the job and didnt ever consider a career out of it, but here i am. I love 
the attention to detail required and i Love to concentrate on my Latte Art. I 
was lucky enough to be trained by someone who had 10+ years of experience and 
taught me what it takes to be one of the best in the game... a little bit off ;)
Talk of opening your shop has been around for a while now but how long has it really been in the works? How long has this idea been floating around?
Geordie: Okay, since I was a young chap working in family members salons i saw what
it takes to run a successful business, since then working in some "less than 
perfect" salons I learnt what NOT TO DO in business. Ive been bugging Paul 
for a couple of years to do this shop together and we tried to model our vibe 
off these rad kiwi dudes in Amsterdamn.  We are both very passionate and skilled
at our crafts and thought a shop would be the best way to show the world what 
we offer.


I heard that you did most of the shop fitting and generally set up the whole thing yourselves! 

That must have been some hard work, was it fairly easy or did you run into some issues along 

the way?

Fitting out the shop was the biggest pain in the ass, obviously Im not built for
labor.. im use to standing in one spot cutting all day. Paul and I are very 
similar in the fact we are both weirdos that have to change our surroundings 
constantly otherwise we get bored, and the only way we could transform this 
shop into a reflection of us was to do the fit out, blood, sweat and plenty 
of beers to get us through... with help from my dad. It's like going to have
a child and calling up a random off facebook to impregnate your missus.

 What was the overall vibe or feel for the shop you wanted and do you think you achieved that?
The shop is always going to be undergoing changes, both in the fit out and staffing
and products, but the vibe will always stay the same; we are chilled, non 
pretentious, non douchebag tolerating guys.  So if your a honest dude that wants
to talk shit with 2 laid back dudes and fit in a coffee... or beer into your day.
You're allowed to enter. With anything a certain level of "customer training" 
will be done when necessary but the response we've had so far is amazing and 
generally the not-so-nice people have been staying outside.
I know you guys like to support local brands and music can you explain how the store helps out
 local dudes? 

We have both been heavily involved in music since a young age and Jam almost every
day, so why not make a place where we can do that all day? whether you're 
experienced or learning a instrument, we'd love to hear it. Music isnt the easiest
path to follow so we have a place where it doesnt matter whether you are Jimmy on
the guitar or Mozart on Keys, we love it all. Being born and raised in Brisbane,
I know how UNSUPPORTIVE this city can be, so why not hang out with people that 
make you feel good and work at the positives.  Whether you make clothes, art, 
music or think you are biggie with a microphone, all is welcome.

What are the short and long term goals for the shop?

As for goals with the shop, we are just surfin the wave at the moment hey, 
wherever the tide takes us we are ready, our clothes just dropped and we will 
be bringing out some new designs, but what I am going to say is, we have some 
big things in the works and the best way to keep up to date with us through 
facebook and instagram: facebook.com/mrsnippetsbs
Any shout outs or thank yous guys? 
A Special thanks to King Brown Pomades for supporting us from the beginning,
Teesh from Dudley Street Espresso, Annerley for All the support,James
Hornsby from Chronic Bone for the videos, Help with the clothes and For
being an overall mad dude, and all our friends for helping us sweat it
out during the fit out!
 The shop is truly awesome and a great place to hang out! Here is a lil video I through together for the guys 
earlier in the month to help get the word out!

 To celebrate the opening of my friends shop we decided to work together on a collaboration shirt Mr Snippets

X Chronic Bone! The shirts along with others are available in store at Mr Snippets and on our online store! 





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