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MMM Crew Melbourne Trip!

The dudes from the Gold Coast seem to be pumpin great videos out every few months.

The latest to pop up is their Melbourne Adventure video. They spent a week down in the Victorian coastal capital soaking in the 19th century architecture (smashing up ledges and hangin out in drains). Along with enjoying the beautiful tree-lined boulevards and getting amongst restaurants, bars and cultural event (sitting in the pub on instagram).

In the end they came out with this beautiful video: 
I haven't been so stoked on a web edit in a long time. Adam has done an excellent job with film and edit and didn't skimp out on throwing turndowns and cheeky grind lines. Eddie with his freakish fakies and manual lines. Jarrad throwing 180 bars to fakie crank flips. Beau throwing a gnarly 180. Jye hoping over shit as well as his usual candy bar antics. Jason Lea being to good with freaky nose manuals & Sprouter with loads of crazy shit. My favs being no handed crank flip and foot plant X-up!
The diversity of riding works super well and Adam really knows how to put it all together.
Sprinkle some cheese on top, wrap that up and toast it, serve it with a nice side of Tame Impala and you have the MMM Crew X Melbourne Trip video!

MmmCrw X Melbourne Trip from AdammmCox on Vimeo.


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