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Midweek Hustle!

Lately a lot of my riding times have been happening during the week! It's been great!

Was stoked to go check out this new rail at the local drain!
Super fun!

Thanks loads to the dudes who cemented it in!!

This dude Rob is heading back to Tas soon! Hopefully gets his knees all fixed up and comes back and rides soon!
If you see him before he leaves wish him well!

Also lately there has been a few web edits that have caught my attention!

Dak new cult video! so much amaze!
CULT DAK - NATIVE LAND from Cult Crew on Vimeo.

so much good!
Calvin Kosovich doing it for local bmx! some crazy rail moves in here!
LOCAL BMX - Calvin Kosovich from Local BMX on Vimeo.

Get on this!
United BMX managed to make this happen with super stylish riding coming from Ryan Lloyd and Luke Peeters! The level of riding is matched by the level of filming and editing by the man Jack Birtles! Shit is so dope! awesome vibe! SO PUMPED TO RIDE!


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