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Mid-week Stoke!

'I'll be rolling in money with my one man one goat assclown show" - Simmo

Super stoked on Two videos I wanted to share!
Even if you might of managed to get to watch this last night you have to check it out again! Wilto Deadly sending himself all over the place doing it for LUX BMX! Shit is insane and put together super well by the main man Mike V! Check it!
LUXBMX - Welcome Wilton Hedley from LUXBMX on Vimeo.

Also another great video that looks into the travels of Jerry, Raph and Brady overseas! this one is long but a great watch! I was stoked and jealous on the amount of fun these dudes are having living the dream!
Gyspy Adventure's of Brady, Raph and Jerry from Raphael Jeroma-Williams on Vimeo.


Keep ya week rollin!


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