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LOOSE C#%T to LOOSE C*NT Recommendation!

YO YO DUDES! we have been looking at new ways to bring you the dopest content, post and just plain LOOOSENESS for some time now. After a lot of brain haze...
 We traveled the world searching for the loosest cunt to give us an insight on loose cuntism and the do's and don'ts of the industry.
We basically found the LOOSEST MOTHERFUCKER OUT  Mr Mofetyy Stieopa and he is going to help us out with weekly installments (on loose cunt time) of LOOSENESS.
So I'd like to introduce you to our first Loose Cunt to Loose Cunt Recommendation!

 this weeks loose cunt to loose cunt recommendation is, if accepting weed from anonymous person make sure to smoke the weed before it smokes you. weed has been acting up with all this crazy weather lately.

minimal recommendation of cones a day is 10 :)

dont forget to use your clear eyes.

cheers for that Mofetyy
In other unrelated news Tim got a new bike recently!
 probs do some kind of a bike check on that soon!

Here's a video to check

HOANG TRAN: WARMING UP THE BENCH from www.dans360.com on Vimeo.


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