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Late night snack

What better time than 1am Sunday morning to share some bmx love!

Here's a cool story Ride BMX did on brakeless riding when it was a "new" thing. Worth a peek if you don't mind a couple of words.

The Brakeless Revolution - Ride BMX

This Denver street jam is bloody insane. These dudes actually broke into this school and then held a jam there. Wild.

Abysmal weather, great spots and an ender that I watched three times. Nathan Williams and Corey Martinez are two dudes who have been shredding for "a while" and this new edit is a-grade bmx stunting.

Sosh Urban Motion 3 : Nathan Williams X Corey Martinez (6th place) from Ride Sessions on Vimeo.
(This was actually all filmed on phones for the Sosh Urban Motion competition, their website is in French but you can check it here)

Weird Al gets real.

And some weird chill business


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