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Junk from the web 666!


Need to get back into posting frequently on the bone.
Have a lil instalment of junk from the web for your eyes.

Here we have some recent BMX internet videos that I have enjoyed.
I used to watch every web edit that came my way but now I find myself getting bored real quick as shit seems to get so repetitive. I found these videos entertaining and different to what seems to be the norm at the moment in BMX online content.

Hobie Doan / Dan Norvell UFO Promo.

I’m thankful for Charlie Crumlish and his ability to make a memorable video. His videos always feel unique from the angles he chooses while filming through to the crazy editing and cuts and music. I really enjoyed this promo.

Rob DiQuattro in "Yogi's Dream".

Another dude who makes a memorable video is Rob DiQuattro. Not only is it hard to forget by how much fun the dude has it’s also hard to forget the nostalgic video game sound track. Not to mention the dude does some of the most outrageous shit you will see on a hand rail.

Volume BMX: “Volume 2”

This is a few weeks old now. I’ve been under the impression that pretty much anything Mike Mastroni film and edits is gold. His filming is so crisp and feels like a big professional production but it never takes away from the riding. He is able make the viewer feel closer to the action rather than just a documentation of the riders skill. Music choice is always great, shit is 10/10 if you ask me. 

This wouldn’t be a classic junk from the web post without me including some kind of music. I recently got back into a bunch of my fav 60’s era psychedelic track and man I can never go past this trippy master piece. 



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