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I'll Dink Ya!

Ventured down the coast over the weekend for some ride, swims and awesome hangs!
 Nu-Nude 1
Jye really sent himself on this rail ride! dude tried a handful of times and really ate it!
Shout outs to ever made this sauce bong!
Rope swing art!
 Nu Nude 2

Rex Cubic dropped a hella cool new edit for DL & Local BMX! Full of wild grind combos and sick rails !
Rex Cubic - DL/Localbmx from Rex Cubic on Vimeo.

Last is this small lil doco video on one of my favorite photographers Roger Ballen! The dude has been making super interesting Art photography for years and this lil look behind the scenes blew my mind slightly ! Weird shit!
Roger Ballen's Asylum of the Birds from Los Muertos Motorcycles on Vimeo.


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