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Had my mine blown today buy two awesome videos coming straight outta the Brisbane BMX scene! shit is so good!
If your up to date with all BMX media sites you probs would have seen them buy now but there is no harm in watching them again seeing as they are both great!

Firstly this edit of "Tiny". Dudes got serious rail game!
Carraig Troy "Tiny" T-BAGS BRAH from the grumets on Vimeo.

and this new edit by the mane Jack Birtles "Blackout"! This video is a total must watch! It features a shit done of great riders doing gnar stunts mixed together perfectly with drunken antics! I've never been so hyped to ride and drink in 7 minutes in my life!
BLACKOUT from Jack Birtles on Vimeo.

There is also a feature online article on jack and this video over on FOCALPOINT!  CHECK IT!

and just to make this post different to all the others of these out there here is some other random crap


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