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Hey Mr Longhair!

Been partying in Thailand with the misso for the past week waking up to this awesome view while I was in BKK

Snapped some okay underwater pics while snorkelling today with my underwater camera setup which is basically a camera in a ziplock bag.

I've also been pretty slack on the bmx stuff but no longer!

The magic of Facebook brought this crazy good edit from Jason Watts to my attention. Jason shreds hard and the edit was filmed by Troy Charlesworth so you know it's good:

Everyone should watch as much Alex D as possible. New frame promo is a real cracka!

Also, I'm not sure if I've maybe posted this before but Mikey Tyra is fucking sick and his Michigan video part rocked plus this OSS video is super dope. Sarcasm is max.

Finally while I was lurking TCU I spotted this fucking awesome pegless coaster riding which I for some reason can't link thanks to youtube and my useless phone but here's the link to the post.


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