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Go Ride BMX Day Bunny hop snaps

Yo, It is finally time for some real content to get rolling on chronic bone again.
Over the weekend I went out to Go Ride BMX day and had a blast catching up with some mates.
The day was hot as hell but that didn’t stop a huge turnout.
I wasn’t really shooting too much but I did get some quick snaps of the bunny hop comp.

 Denby on the duzzie and mikestach
Was really impressed by the younger dudes hops

 Got high!
 Pa on the winning hop/one leg lander

I was treated to go on the interwebs today and get to watch Cody's section from Dulwich! Check it! shit is crazy good, Cody always goes hard and high and never stops shootin positive vibes out his face.

Keep your eye out for loads of new shit!


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