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Geordie & Happy Chaps!

So my main man Geordie has been making waves lately with not only his music work but also his hairdressing/barber skills.
He's actually opening up his very own barber shop called Happy Chaps in Greenslopes some time in the next month!

So I shot him over some questions so we can get inside the head of this genius!

Firstly Geordie, to start us off tell us who you are and what you do?

I'm Geordie and I am a 22 year old barber from Brisbane. I'm the owner of happy chaps barbershop

So how did you come up with happy chaps?

Happy chaps Is a concept store, I wanted a unique getaway for men of all ages

Have you been in the hair dressing business for long?
I started when I was 15. Working for my cousins out at Tsiknaris Hair in new farm

I've heard your about to open your shop in the coming months & it can be hard work, what has
been the most challenging part so far?

I haven't found anything too challenging thus far, I have a positive group of friends and people I'm working with. So it helps get through the difficult times when it's hard to stay focused.

Will the shop be stocking chronicbone threads?

Of course! How else we gonna make the youth of Brisbane look good? Besides hair

Everyone knows you like the whole old school gentlemen barber approach,
do you find your clients like the style as well?

I try and stay up to date with mens fashion around the world but bring an old school feel about it. All my clients love it. Hot towels, cut throat shaves. Classic! And relaxing

We also know you do a fair bit of your own music work, how is that coming along?
can we expect any mad beats soon?

At the moment I am so busy I don't have enough energy to be putting into the music. So I'm focusing on the shop. Who knows what the future has in store.. maybe collab with the samurais?

Top 3 movies?

Jeez that's a hard one..
Edward scissorhands
Space jam

Apart from having mad skills in hair-cutting and music, do you have any other hobbies
or pass times?

I attempt to ride a bmx, hang out and I love to party.

What are your top three favorite songs at the moment?

I listen to so much music I honestly don't have a favorite but I'm gonna throw
"Don't wanna work" - drapht

What are you plans for happy chaps this year?

If I told u that.. I would have to kill u. But no, keep an eye out for many exciting things

Where will happy chaps be in 5 years?


Make sure you go check out the Happy Chaps Facebook HERE!

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