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Garrett who?

G'day cobba!

Couldn't wait more than about 5 minutes to share this edit with you! I've been pretty dissapointed by a lot of edits lately because they all look the exact same and as much as I love a bit of tech wizardry the hard way rap music cookie cutter shit is beyond boring. This vid features a great song (still rap music though) and some super good vibes to get you pumped for the weekend. Shit like this inspires me to ride and just generally be a weirdo which is sick!

STADENS KUNGAR 2015 - DETHLIFE from Deth-Life on Vimeo.

A$AP Rocky released a shitty love song about LSD this week and everyone I work with loves it for some reason which is pretty shit. It did remind me of Japanther though who are a legit LSD freak group of dudes who use stolen payphones as mic's. This was one of the songs from Chase Hawks old Fit sections I'm pretty sure. If you haven't already you should go check them out.


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