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Lil bit of an update: Chronic Bone Clothing shirts have pretty much sold out of first run! The first run of singlets is on the way with new design/s! the second run of shirts will be coming up some time in the new year along with an online store for all chronic bone goodies!
Mad Kow Industries are currently working on a few videos including " IM FUKIN FEENIN 2"  and another volume of "The Wack Mix". MKI has just been chillin along making videos for fun in spare time for a while now but we should be seeing a lot of new shit from them in the new year with a COME BACK video and a bunch of other shit to go with it. Also Ant singer from Samurai Disco and member of MKI is currently working on a Chronic Bone Clothing "welcome to the team" skate style video! Should end up being dope as all balls!

I leave you with some videos n crap

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