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Fun Post.

Shwang even gets shit done on a rainy balls weekend like the one we had last.

I have a rather large amount of stuff from the web I'd like to share for people who like to come on this here blog and just numb their brains out with videos and music that I hand pick for them!

First brain numbing experience for you is this new David Bowie video. Well it's only a few weeks old. Man it is trippy! It so happens to come out at a time when I was having my own David Bowie revival, enjoying all his old hits. I'm sure this 10 minute trip has some greater meaning and so on but really can you go past Bowie wearing a scarecrow mask wailing around with his hands shaking in front of his face. I actually don't mind the music..... weird shit.

Here is my favorite classic.

Next is the BMX/ skate portion of the post.

This AK x DIG video came out weeks ago but I forgot to post it up so here is some amazing shit.

I generally hang out with a bunch of skaters and like to watch a fair amount of skating videos.
This FA/HOCKY: FUCK/FIGHT 2 video is fuckin great. I love the rawness of it and how much fun these guys have. The first one also rules. You can easily watch the whole 20mins of it over a beer on a nice arvo!

FA/HOCKEY FIGHT/FUCK II THE MOVIE from FA World Entertainment on Vimeo.

Dudes what ride around Brisbane continue to bring out new videos all the fuckin time. I did enjoy this latest creation from Tom Straede documenting a bunch of good times with friends. Some great clips in there!

This new animal video is a must watch!

Ricky Catanzariti, apparently these are a bunch of clips that aren't going anywhere, I'd love to see the ones that are. Dudes is wild! Doing way to many freaky moves in a short time (and with what looks like a broken finger), I dig the music as well!

BSD Lost in Iran. Now this is wild. A BMX video in Iran. THis is for sure a must watch. I couldn't even concentrate on all the BMX with all the crazy surroundings. Beautiful video!


Get your ears out!

Here is a lil treat to leave you with!



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