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Fried noodle brain

If you have ever seen Xave Koen give a fuck don't tell anyone because he will come murder you in your sleep (probably). Here he is demonstrating how good 41 seconds of bicycles can look.

Now I've never met the guy but from what I have heard Cooper Brownlee is seriously devoted to his bmx which means that this Division production he's had his hands all over is going to be good. Check out the list of riders featured and get excited.

I'm sure almost everyone has seen this already but just wanted to share that I am pretty pissed there was no actual nudity. What the fuck.

Finally I have a video from TCU that is in the same vein as that weird Frenchie drinking coffee and not riding thing from a couple of weeks back but with a little more riding. Not sure how to feel about these but here you go:

Now go watch the first two videos again to clear the brain rot. Bicycles.

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