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French Earl Grey

I'm writing this post at work whilst dodging my coworkers as my laptop has dun shit itself and I'm too broke to get it fixed up. Plus work internet is free!

Thanks to Simmo for sharing this super cynical and brilliantly entertaining commentary on the British gym off of Vice.com. I'm not a gym person so reading wacky mind bending shit like this makes it seem even less appealing and if you are the type to go "smash out a weights sesh" at your local gym, you can enjoy knowing you're not the only one stuck in such a bland, utilitarian conditioning centre.
Note the similarly washed look characteristic of all lost souls. On the left is our own Simmo and the right is (I assume) the author of above article.

I've been listening to this particular Bongzilla song quite a bit and really enjoying the guitar, the vocals aren't ideal but not enough to detract from how awesome this is!

Anyone with any access to social media at all has probably seen this new Kriss Kyle edit already but God-damn it is mind blowing! Essentially a culmination of all the jibby, tech riding that his social media accounts are full of, the edit expands the style both is size and complexity. Legitimately wild BMX.

And finally, I am once again breaking the golden rule James set down for me, no cars.
I just can't resist! The production quality on this video produced by KDF is awesome and the content is excellent. The way these teams are talking about taking drifting away from personal gain and "being famous" and more towards just enjoying what you do really relates to BMX for me.


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