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E-Z Listening

Good friend of mine Alex Ross just posted this sweet new track of his on Soundcloud! follow his account and keep your eyes peeled for more stuff like this that he is working towards releasing soon!

Raph Jeroma-Williams has been abroad for a while now along with Jerry V and their mate Brady and just dropped an edit exclusively of his riding.Vocko did a way better job of breaking it down than I ever would over on Crispy, check it here!

I wasn't aware but apparently Troy Charlesworth has been filming/producing on a super high level for a pretty long while now. This is from 2008, the DVD is called Epic Invasion and it has riding from a bunch of bloody aussie legends:

UGV Epic Invasion from samgreen on Vimeo.

This last vid is awesome. Trey Jones has an awesome setup in his backyard and FBM filmed this short vid featuring gnarly music, bmx and shirt.

FBM Visits Jesco Jones from FBM BMX on Vimeo.


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