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Been busting guts on other projects. Haven't been posting up on here much!
Some cool stuff has been floating around in BMX internet land.

First I was stoked that this Eat Children Crew DIY spot jam video came out! They put some serious hours creating the spot and shredded it one last time before it was I assumed bulldozed!

Eat Children Crew DIY Jam from Eat Children Crew on Vimeo.

This got me excited, as most of Birtles creations do. United Australia dudes living it up in West Oz
Real sweet vibed video!

United - West OZ from Channel 4Down on Vimeo.

Not BMX but this will fuckin make you think twice.
Most old anti-drug adds are funny but this one wigged me out!

 Must get your bums to this! 
Gunna be a fuckin awesome night!

 Been poppin out some more art crap for uni!
Squizz it\


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