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Dude, You should update your blog

Is what I have been telling myself over the past few weeks!
Been a bit lazy and a bit busy but I do have quite a bit of content to share!
Sifting through my bookmarks from recent times we have...

Tony Cherry's section from the "Hard Times" DVD. I frothed this guys style and choice of spots, good watch, get stoked.

Next is this absolute trip of a vid! Most interesting surfing video I have ever clapped eyes on. Realy inspiring to see something so amazing!
WAVEFORM from O'Neill on Vimeo.

While we are on the subject of Waves, here is a new song from the band Wavves! Dig it!

Next is the Sofles video! I love how entertaining they make these videos, watching paint dry can be numbing but this video is golden! Can't believe it was shot in just over 24 hours!

Local ripper Pahau has dropped another gravy vibed video! This time focusing on Cody Webb! Cody is a great guy and a weapon on the bike! Check it!

I haven't been out shooting as much as I want but here is a shot from a few weeks back to keep the vibes rolling!

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