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Don't stop til you get enough!

Had a funky fresh weekend riding, partying and all sorts of other whack shit that goes in between!
I have some great shots from this weekends ride but I haven't gotten around to editing them yet so ill put them up soon!

Some News:
The mentally 12 year old, bike riding, tent vomiting and overall good dude Brenton is going to start posting his own posts here on the bone! I'm headed overseas soon for some great times and Brento himself is going to be in charge of keeping this blog rolling! Pretty excited to see what he has to contribute to chronic bone!
The man himself fast plant fence bash on the weekend!

Here is my pick of stuff to squizz when ya bored!

Rob DiQuattro smashin out loads of impressive rails in this new edit for Mankind!
Rob DiQuattro - Mankind 2014 from Rob DiQuattro on Vimeo.

Fuck yeah WA shreddin!

I found this to be insanely well put together for a Jam video! They got the right vibe with this edit and the camera work/ editing is awesome!
CULTCREW/ NYC JAM 01 from Cult Crew on Vimeo.

This popped up over the week! Equally makes me spew and laugh!


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