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Firstly, Mike V can ride aaanything. Here he is proving it in a new Lux Video.

Mike Vockenson LUX 2014 from LUXBMX on Vimeo.
If you haven't seen his 2020 section, absolutely get on that.

Next up Callan Stibbards is another Aussie dude who throws down and this edit of his is good. Like, really damn good. Took me a couple of watches to actually get an idea of the size of most of this stuff.
Callan Stibbards THE SET Zeitgeist frame edit. from The Set on Vimeo.

Finally I've got this video that is probably not everyone's cup of tea and you've more than likely seen it before but I really dig technical flat ledge riding no matter what anyone says:

Enjoy your weekend!

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