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Dejected Bueg.

The power of friendship.

If this was last week, I would be saying "this was my friend Simmo".

You may have seen the adds that keep popping up before a YouTube video about how bad Meth can be for your job. Well believe it or not kids, This isn't meth, This is Simmo completely sober. (He fuckin smash's his job on the gear).
The dude just can't function. When I came around to his house on Friday morning it was apparent he had been going between swiping right to every bird on tinder and just straight up flogging it while crying.

So I through him in the car and took him straight to our dealers house and the dude couldn't have been better!

Lucky we are friends with a great dealer! It's amazing the power of friendship and how it can change a person for the better.
Now I can say this is my friend Simmo! and he would probs say "I'm Simmo".

Here's a pic from afar of Deadly Willy Wilto smashin a D-P down a sketchy dog rail! Dude was stoked and so was everyone!

I dig this guys riding! I love finding cool little things along the street to bump and grind on! This dude kills that style and it goes a treat with Charlie Crumlish's style on the edit!

Talkin of dudes who kill it on the edit! Troy 'BIG SALAD' Charlesworth has laid out yet another bangin edit! This time it's Boyd Hilder for Mankind! Whole production is gravy from start to finish! Riding is fuckin stupid good! Somethings that hurt my brain were: Flip whippin fuckin huge set, pegs to cannon ball, fast plant backie & the final clip! WATCH IT!

Here's a beat for ya ear's! Wavves have a new album on the way and put up a newie from it! Pretty damn catchy!

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