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On the home stretch on Uni work.
Pretty excited to get it out of the way so I can focus on what we have been working on for this here Chronic Bones.
Anyway, I have as usual some goodies to share!

What we have ere' is some bloody great BMX videos.

Firstly the third installment of the Bush League videos! If you haven't seen the first two I suggest you check them out! Dude is insanely creative, applying the versatility of BMX to the bush (and fuckin heavy machinery). Shit is definitely not weak.

Next we have Gold Coast bad boys Adam Cox and Edward Shawcross in a story of beers, bros and endless summer vibes in Europe. This video really got me excited for summer. As usual The riding and film/edit is tight, coming up on just over 15mins and still wanted to see more!
Cool guys!

European Endless Summer from AdammmCox on Vimeo.

Last! I'm stoked to share this masterpiece. Corey Bohan and Mike 'Hucker' Clark's tribute to the 80's BMX feature film classic BMX bandits! Shit is lit. Almost prefer it to the original film (but I'm into cheesy older movies). I don't drink energy drinks but if I did I would drink Red Bull, those bastards have done a hell of a lot for BMX and all sports extreme. Making all sorts of wack dreams come true and this has to be my favorite yet!


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