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CRISPY STREAM & World Domination

So for a while now I've been wanting to put some interviews up here of some local rad dudes for some extra content for viewers to read!

Here is the first of many. I recently got in touch with Mr Mike Vockenson Crispy Stream CEO and all
around mad dude and shot over some questions for him to answer about him self & Crispy.


IIGHT Mike to start of this amazing shiz, give us a lil over view of yourself &
how you came to create da crispy stream?

I am a dude from Landsborough in the Sunshine Coast hinterland that loves BMX. When I began university in 2009, I felt the need to fill the cliche student stereotype so I made a blog and began critiquing various elements of modern society. This then quickly turned into an internationally acclaimed blog with no assistance from the 6 other team members. 

you seem to be a fan of the VX, give us a quick low down on your camera gear?

I do love VX and any other form of SD. However, as Navazio spoke about recently, I don't mind about what format BMX is filmed on, as long as it's made to look the best it can. However, my current bag is filled with a Panasonic DVX100b (which filmed the critically acclaimed 'Joot Lagged' DVD), Century deth lens, some light I got off eBay, bunch of tapes, lens cleaner devices, wax, zinc, lippy, Wet Stuff lube and ounces of weed. 

As well as running the stream and having mad talent for bicycling, do you have any
other hobbies or pass times? 

I pretty much spend most of my time with the aforementioned hobbies, aside from that, my time is spent working and applying for jobs as well as hanging with my girlfriend. 

Having a squizz at some of your Tempered edits online, you do some pretty
outrageous bike stunts and bangers. Do you ever get shit scared or nervous befor you
projecting yourself of a roof on a bike?

Definitely man, every single time. That's what makes it so exhilarating I think. 
Almost everything I have been filming for the 2020 DVD has scared the shit out of me, when your rolling away, it is probably the best feeling there is to experience. But if I can visualise myself pulling it, there is nothing that is going to stop me from trying it you know. 

Where is your favorite place to ride your bike?
I don't really have a single favourite place, anywhere new and untouched would be my favourite place, somewhere no one has been before or considered riding. 

So every one knows that Crispy has dads, are there any mums or even uncles lurking
No bitches sorry, just dads, dads and dad dicks. 

Crispy has already taken over the internet, how long till Crispy is on our TV?
Plans are for a Crispy TV network to take off in 2014, just wheeling and dealing behind the scenes. Our operations manager, Mitch Morison has been putting in some serious work for a bong loving hippy. 

It seems the Crispy dudes are always out and about riding and shooting, how
do you find the time to live a normal balanced life while also running the
best website on the internet?
It's hard man, I'll tell you that much for free. I have a fairly rigid training regime to keep my body at peak fitness, all the usual stuff, eggs by the dozen, daily mental training sessions and I also take 77 classes a week in superior blogging skills. But SRSLY, I am fairly well organised and efficient with the time I have, therefore, I make sure that everything I set out to do, gets done. You gotta stay on top of things if you want to be the absolute best there is ever. 

On a scale of 1-10 how many poons does Crispy HQ see on a daily bases?
10+ bruvva, poons coming out of our asses. They all wanna piece of Mitch Morison's hairy hippy ass. 

So you recently released the best bicycling video of 2012 Joot Lagged!
can we expect some kind of a sequel (joots lagged) any time soon?
It definitely was the best bicycling video, if not the best picture/film of 2012 if not history. As for more DVD's, I'm not quite sure yet, it all depends on how keen everyone is and if I have the motivation to do another one. I'd say there is a 50/50 chance of another DVD occurring, just depends if the world is ready or not. 

What can we expect from Crispy this year? Got any large plans?
Hopefully drop some dope interviews that I have been organising for months now, a bunch of dudes are trying to savvy up some photos, whilst others are purely lagging. But with any luck, they will be ready soon. And all the usual web edits and dumb shit, hopefully do some new shit this year, integrate more of the BMX community into the site, I would love to do more guest posts, you know, let dudes have free reign to write/post whatever they desire. We be gettin' buck son. 

Where will Crispy be in 10 years time?
Who knows lation, all I know is that there will be heaps of joot, cash and weed involved. The 3 fundamentals of life.


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