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Creative Riding.

Rather than just posting up a sea food basket of videos from around the web that I enjoyed this week I decided to stick to a theme.

The theme is what I will call Creative Riding. Maybe that means something else to you but I'm talking about the riders (and in this case some skaters) who do different to the norm on their weapon of choice. I seem to really enjoy and get excited to see dudes do original and even un thought of things when out on a day of riding and filming. Weather it be riding a specific obstetrical that you wouldn't think rideable or maybe pulling off an original trick you haven't seen before. A lot of the time these dudes can look rather silly up against some one who is whipping from bowl to bowl across the skate park but for some reason I find the silly shit more entertaining!

So here is a collection of videos that I have watched time and time again just to see these dudes do interesting different shit.

First there is the dude who has been labeled "The most creative BMX rider on the planet"! I know right what a fucking title to have. Don't get me wrong its well deserved Tate Rosekelly has been doing weird shit on 2 wheels for quite some time and I find that his clips can even make people that have no interest at all within BMX be amazed.
Here is one of his latest and in my opinion best videos. His section from "The Finer Things" Volume Bikes DVD!

Another guy who I would call a "creative rider" is none other than Brisbane local Jack Birtles. The dudes constant thirst for new and different within his riding and filming really shows in his edits. Always throwing party vibes in every video along with fast passed bullshit scary riding off shit makes his riding a good watch, always.

Jack Birtles - Unitedbikeco 2013 from Jack Birtles on Vimeo.

Stepping away from BMX for a moment I'd like to share a skater who also shows a whole lot of creativity in his skating. The dude is rather famous and even appears briefly in the Volume Bikes DVD "The Finger Things". Richie Jackson is a freak on the board. He has a number of amazing edits but I'd like to share this one dating back to 2008!

Back into BMX another dude who I consider to be quite creative when out riding is Drew Hosselton. Riding pretty much any weird small tranny and bump jumping the likes of cactus this dude diffidently thinks outside the box. I really enjoy this guy and his specific style.

Without going into to much detail I'd also like to share a few more videos of guys what creative ride.

The very well known Mike Mastroni and his section from "The Finer Things".

Erik Elstran's Crazy brand of riding!

Mag wheel guy!

And there you have it my selection of  "creative riding". Enjoy!

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