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Cook Up

Been having loads of good times lately. I owe that to being on uni break! Till this weekend when I go off on a trip for uni. So don't expect much happening up here.
Weekend was good!
Simmo and myself won a 3rd place in a film comp we entered. I will have the video up some time soon!
Also got to catch up with the dudes and film some clippies for some projects that are in the mix.
Had a loose time on Saturday night! It was rad catching up with Jerry and hearing stories of his travels.

 Always on the cook

 Shot this a few weeks back! Juan doesn't have trouble killing it on pretty much anything!

Here I have two music videos for you!

I have already shared this song on here but the video is beautiful!

These dudes Hockey Dad have been gig'n around a fair bit lately! I enjoy this video/song!


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