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Club Moonaco!

"The place you go do a bunch of drugs in the bush like criminals" Samson Ross 2015

Oh Club Moonaco, such a beautiful place.
You may be wondering to yourself, what is club moonaco? Well let me tell you. Its more than just a club that is for sure and it's more than a place, it is more of a feeling. The overall feeling you have in your gut and head after a 4 day bender in the bush lands of  northern NSW.
Club Moonaco became the name of the place we spent the majority of a camping trip. The place where you can get high as fuck under some pandanus palms and then pass out drunk under the stars. The place where wild bandicoots will drag your garlic bread into the bush and rip it to shreds & the place where after a morning of making drug pipes and testing them out the park ranger will come and tell you that you didn't reserve the camping ground and you need to pay!

Anyway it was a hell of a good weekend that kicked off the past week of drinking for me. I sat down this arvo and put together some of the good times I captured of the trip. 
Enjoy this short but hopefully exciting and fun video of Jerry and Samson becoming members of Club Moonaco on a great camping trip!

Here are some shots from the same trip!

The guys themselves.

Samson can't contain his excitement.

The Pootrol in all its glory.

Good spot for a snack.

Pandanus Bowling is pretty dope.

And the only shot of me from the trip.
Shitting in a ice cold knee deep creek at 630am in the morning.

I'm stoked to be on holidays and really get some more projects rolling!

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