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Here is a picture of simmo absolutely cunteyed in Thailand

Got some vidyah love to share!
Firstly I seen this pop up on facebook!
Having seen some of the beautiful air this dude gets on instagram from time to time got me extra stoked on this edit! Dylan Lewis is flying all over the place! Edit is packed full groovy park lines and wild gaps! Jam packed with some stylish trail riding! The second song also took me back to one of the Tony Hawk games, maybe the third one? I think the song is by Adolescents? Some one smart phone dat shit! Anyway ENJOY!
Dylan Lewis // 2015 from James Fox on Vimeo.

Simmo got me onto these two skate edits called ScumCoast! A few years old now but still a treat! He was reminded of them by the Busted Mix I just finished! Check it out! Party times!



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