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Chronic TRIP!

Yo yo, at Chronic Bone we have been cooking up a few things for quite some time. The positivity and support we have been shown throughout the BMX scene has really impacted the growth of CB into a certain direction! We have been working towards launching a new site and putting together a crew of riders to share the good vibes!

Over the weekend we headed off on the first official riding trip! YEWW shit was insane!
Heres a few happy snaps!

 Will have more shots up soon!
Over the weekend we all shared some sweet fuckin times!
hit so many dreamy spots as well as many fun parks!

Thanks goes out to all the good dudes for coming on this trip and making it happen! Good on ya for leaving ya salt at home and projecting your positivity... sept for Mac.
Cheers Mike for taking us all over the coast to some great spots!!

 Enjoy some visuals !

Tate is off the chain!

Dude from over in NZ killing it!


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