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Chronic Lift

Hey all. Some exciting BIG news on the direction or GAINS of Chronic Bone! It's been a bit of a secret for a while now but we are LIFTING from a BMX lifestyle clothing into a GYM lifestyle clothing!
As with this MASSIVE change in direction we also have a new CEO of Chronic Lift. You may know him as Jye but he prefers Leg-press master stezza king!

Here is a mock up of the new singlets we are bringin out!
 fuck yeah so stoked!

Had a great weekend went riding the Leg-press master himself
 was good fun watching him ride off hecktic shit while I was being hungover and a turtle.

I'm about to head on a road trip right up until christmas to get groovey with some dudes and have a trippy good time!

So there is gunna be some hard monkey lag on this blog!

heres some shit to look!
Great Road trip video!
BEAT ASS: On the road with the Lords of Fun from Make Your Bones on Vimeo.

Have fun and stay save over Christmas DUDEZ!

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