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Having this new looking website up is great and I want to thank everyone who has purchased from our new collection and has let me know how much they love it. Leaving the old blog behind was kind of hard for me. I originally started posting on the old chronic bone way back in 2011. At the time I was really into documenting my band and my friend’s antics and was looking at a platform to share my creations on the internet. From November 2011 till last week the old site had seen 526 and close to 100,000 hits. 100,000 Doesn’t seem like a lot in an age where 7 second videos become viral overnight but it is a lot of hits for a blog rooted in a local BMX scene.



A lot has changed from the birth of the blog to now. The content of the blog articles shifted to a much more constructed format when I realised how many people were getting onto Chronic Bone and how many people were discussing and sharing posts. I made it a priority of mine to spend whatever weekends I could shooting BMX to consistently be able to post up quality content. I also added some friends to help me post content, to bring their own ideas and opinions into Chronic Bone and to help me with keeping the site alive.


The original intentions of creating clothing was to be able to get my artwork out and about. I couldn’t be more thankful for how well it was received. From sending the first package interstate to selling Australia wide. From my close friends grabbing shirts fresh of the press to complete strangers in other towns wearing my gear. I’m super happy how Chronic Bone has gotten out and will continue to get out!


 Thanks to everyone!

Here is a great video of some of ya favs having a blast at the most recent snakewoods gathering.

R.I.P Patches from Pahau Milner on Vimeo.




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