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Channeling my CHI-ez

Shit so tasty!

It's seems over the past few weeks the crew and myself have been increasing our hungover ghetto ramp building ability!
This time in Brenton's yard we put together two lil kickers for funzies!

Much fun was had!

Also forgot to post up this image earlyer in the week of Simmo getting down n dirty with the tie dyes!
Also here is a trippy treat of an image I played around with for maximum TRIPvIBE

Click on it to increase the size of your tripp!

Here are some videos for your eyes!
I really enjoyed this front yard sesh video! mixed full of crazy dudes from the neighborhood walking and driving by!
#1113 from Nathan Williams on Vimeo.

Also Down Low dudes had a sweet JAM over in WA, looked awesome! Rail set up looks super fun!
Downlow Apparel - "DL JAM" from Downlow Apparel on Vimeo.



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