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By Brenton on 2015-01-15

Dan Norvell freaks me the fuck out. the dude is like the yeti, he just pops up every now and then, does some beastly shit and then disappears again. Spooky.

Here's part 2 of the Nigel Sylvester Vice doco. Personally I feel that people like Nigel getting attention and media hype on the level that he's at is super good for bmx. I guess not everyone likes the guy or the type of person he is but he is hungry to get more exposure for himself and he's taking bmx along with him so why not!

Japan is so gnarley! it seems weird to me that there isn't a bigger bmx scene there though considering how intense these guys are about the stuff they're into. Anyways, this video rocks, the vibe is awesome and I love the iconic oldscool scenes that they put in there.

Streetsharks are awesome!

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