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Busy Pingin'

Here is a screen cap of Shwanga Dad peeing behind a bin.
The more we work on filming this project the more excited I get about it!
It's been a pretty full few weeks. I'm stoked on what is in the works for CB.
Projects are fun.

Here are some videos to share.
This came out just as the weekend started and damn it got me in a good Summer-ish mood to be out on my bike.
Bloody Great vibes. Atlantis Vancouver is a BMX store in Vancouver and they sent there dudes off to Victoria island (Canada) for a few days! Froth it!

I'm pretty excited for this new album as they keep droppin new gems from it.

I have never really seen this in action but I have heard people speak of it at parties and so on but apparently soap shoes was a thing in a big way and this is a video of one of the sports biggest pros.
You can find out more looking in the description and on google but damn.


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